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OLC Center was established in order to foster professional open source software human resources. The importance of training top-level human resources has been emphasized to prossess the key technology in this cutthroat global IT market. OLC Center will have a great role in solving the problem of lack of professional technicians in the open source software industry and building an infrastructure for spacialized functional human resource with the high quality curriculum.


OLC Center aims at open community begin made by all of you. It is open to any interested person or community like a student, a professor or a developer. And it offers an online market place service where you can take lectures of specialized content or even make, open and sell your own calsses freely.


OLC Center tries the best to provide high quality training content as the highest educational institution of open source software.

include from the basic curriculum to the lastest technologh of OSS.

Tries to find and offer high quality content.

Builds a fruitful curriculum through the research on demand of OSS industry.

Promotes the pursuit of sound knowledge and improvement of memebers' abilities in the fields of OSS.

OLC Market Place

OLC Market place offers online open market service where the users can upload and sell classes made by themselves as a prosumer who is both producer and consumer. Any member can provide his or her videos and all materials relatating the content. With OLC Center, anyone can be a star dveloper or lecturer.