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KOSS Developers Lab


What is KOSSLab? KOSSLab (Korea Open Source Software Developers Lab) is a space for incubating Open Source Software developers and communities sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) and National IT-Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) to cultivate global committers.

URL: https://kosslab.kr/
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Mission & Vision

Empower nation’s technical competence by cultivating global committers

Empower nation’s technical competence by cultivating global committers Incubator of the Korea’s best open source developers and communities
- Cultivate global open source committers and globalize local open source project
- Promote community-focused open source ecosystem

Cultivate outstanding developer and Committer - Select and support 30 open frontiers yearly
- Operate

Expand the culture of open source communities - Support open source community activities
(support community meet-up and conference attendance)
- cultivate community developer
- Support active networking activities

Promote KOSSLab and research on projects - research on the open source community trends
- promote KOSSLab and Open Frontiers

Key Projects

Recruit global open frontiers and supporting their contribution activities on global projects.

Recruit a team of global open frontiers

Support their contribution activities on Open Source Software
- Operate KOSSLab, Study on Open Source Projects, Support on developer’s activities and find an opportunity to connect with global foundations.

Educate and train a global committer

Promote the acheivements of Open Frontier and organize a KOSSCON

Provide support on open source community activities and promoting communities by strengthening their networking activities.

Support for offline community activities
- Recruit outstanding open source community, provide workspace, provide support for their events, support them to participate in international conference and providing virtual development environment .

Promoting communities by strengthening their networking activities.
- Strengthen Community Networks: Organizing Developers’ Off Day and Hackathon
- Research on open source community trend