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OSS International Cooperation


Increased cooperation between the CJK(China-Japan-Korea) and expanding participation of local companies.

Promote local open source market through the management of Korea’s open source promotion forum.

Establish cooperative relationship with countries that holds successful case studies and build positive relations to share information and experience.

Key Projects

Organize and participate in the CJK IT Director-General Meeting and NEA Promotion ForumBuild cooperative relations between the area of open source from the CJK Northeast-asian countries and gain global impact on international market with EU cooperations. The forum was held for the 15th times from ‘04 to ‘16

No. Venue Date Key Agreements
1st Beijing April 2004 Signed MOU that holds the basic cooperation work frame
2nd Sapporo July 2004 Cooperative working group configuration agreement
3rd Seoul December 2004 Agreement on WG projects and schedule
4th Tianjin April 2006 Agreement on assigning specific cooperative projects for the three WG
5th Fukuoka November 2006 B2B Activation Agreement
6th Seoul September 2007 Agreement on building open source ecosystem and more
7th Wuxi October 2008 Sharing of latest tech-trends and agreements made
8th Tokyo October 2009 Agreement on expanding WG achievements on the global communities
9th Seoul November 2010 Sharing of latest tech trends and agreement on cooperative businesses
10th Xian October 2011 Sharing of latest tech trends and agreement on forming a steerig committee which is the WG4
11th Okinawa November 2012 Regularization of training camp and agreement on encouraging the use of the achievements of CJK
12th Busan November 2013 Interaction of the CJK open source communities and agreement on its cooperative support
13th Wuhan November 2014 Agreement on keeping consistent forum organizations, adjusting on WG management amd nurturing
14th Tokyo November 2015 Agreement on continuous cooperation on forum activities and its OSS achievements
15th Jeju November 2016 Agreement on consistent cooperation on forum activities and utilization of OSS to find solutions on the areas of social-welfare and Artificial Intelligence.

  Management of Korean Open Source Software Promotion Forum and Working Goups - WG1 (Technical Development): OpenDRIM, Crackerjack, Cloud Computing TF
- WG2 (Human Resource): Model Curriculum development, Study on supply and demands of open source experts
- WG3 (Standarization): Build open source related repositories and expand the utilization of its standards
- WG4 (Business): Cultivate business opportunities between CJK enterprises
- TFT (Promotion and Application of E-government): Perform internal and external activities on integrating open source in the field of e-government.