Merklux: Merkleized unidirectional data flow
이더리움 플라즈마 어플레케이션 개발 라이브러리
* 시연동영상 :
2018 년

Merklux generates its plasma blocks using PEPoW(Priority Exponential Proof of Work) and finalizes them with the Casper FFG. Furthermore, the snapshots of plasma chain are also committed onto the root chain and finalized with the accusatorial system, and then cross-links between the plasma chain and the root chain become executable.


For a light weight accusatorial process, it manages its state machine with a merkleized unidirectional data flow which is inspired by the Flux architecture. Through this architecture, we can easily track the state transitions and do the innocence proof without excessive transactions which might cause the plasma chain to be stuck.


Because it is designed for dApps not only to minimize transaction costs but also to build their token economies on the Ethereum, people can participate as a node and get mining rewards by contributing to its network.

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