Competition description "Open Source Software World Challenge 2012" is the annual competition hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy of Korea. This competition is mainly intended to promote open source software and expand various exchanges among open source software developers

International participants are exclusively allowed to submit any open source software developed within one year, even though they got a prize from another competition with the software.

Theme Freestyle unlimited competition of open source software development

Eligibility Criteria This competition is open to anyone. If you are under the age of 12, you must obtain permission from your parent/guardian before you enter this competition.

You may provide us with personal information if you wish to enter this competition. We will only use your personal details for the purpose of administering this competition, and will not publish them or provide them to any third party.

Judging Criteria The criteria for judging all submissions include broad applicability and potential impact, novelty, technical depth, demo suitability, and other miscellaneous factors (e.g., maturity, popularity etc.). Student-led efforts are particularly encouraged

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Subjects of development Submitted developments should be opened complying with OSS License Policies (e.g. GPL and LGPL).
As long as the source code of the project is opened, other operating systems can be used.

Prizes details Winners will be notified via email on Oct. 4th 2012. Open Source Software Day (OSS Day) with Awards Ceremony will be held on Nov. 1st 2012. (Details to be announced.)
OSS Day is the annual festival of open source related people in Korea.
Winners will be invited to the ceremony.
Airfares (round trip) and accommodation for one person per team are furnished in full.

Grand Prize 1 MKE Minister's Prize $ 8,000 USD
Gold Prize 1 NIPA President's Prize $ 5,000 USD
Silver Prize 1 KOSSA President's Prize $ 3,000 USD

Contact Open Source Software World Challenge 2012 Secretariat
- Tel: +82-70-7730-7784
- E-mail:
- homepage:

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