OSS Competency Plaza

Core Functions of the Open Source SW Competence Plaza

Knowledge base for open source SW
Create/provide knowledge info
• Develop/distribute governance standards
• Develop/distribute technical reference models
• Set up open source SW repositories
Assess open source SW reliability
• Conduct reliability testing
• Conduct functional/non-functional testing
• Conduct system integration testing
Production base for open source SW
Facilitate activities in open source SW community
• Provide support for joint activities between domestic and overseas communities
• Provide support for sub-group activities within the community
Create demand
Provide consulting services
• Develop model for info system set-up
• Provide consulting services to public institutions and SMEs on open source SW application
  : Provide As-Is analysis & To-Be models

Committed to Supporting the Open Source SW Industry

• Provides knowledge information on open source SW and various event notices through the open source SW portal site (www.oss.kr).

• Helps public/private companies create To-Be models required for adopting open source SW.

• Provides dedicated space for open source SW developers and communities, testing equipment, and rooms for meetings and seminars, all free of charge.

• Formulates various strategies to support and boost the open source SW industry, and closely monitors what people in the industry have to say through the open source SW portal site’s bulletin board.

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