● 일 시 : 2013년 9월 6일 금요일
   ● 장 소 : 코엑스 컨퍼런스 룸 (남) 403


09:10~10:00Building data pipelines at scale with Apache PigCheolsoo Park (Netflix)
10:00~10:50Apache Hama, a Bulk Synchronous ParallelEdward J. Yoon (ASF)
Coffee Break
11:00~11:503 Different hadoop deploymentsLee moon soo (NFLabs)
11:50~12:40Advancements in Hadoop Scheduling: the YARN Fair SchedulerSandy Ryza (Cloudera)
Lunch Time
13:40~14:30Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning using HadoopSeungjai Min (Samsung SDS)
14:30~15:20Hadoop 2.0 In ActionJeff Markham (Hortonworks)
Coffee Break
15:30~16:20Hadoop Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Service AvailabilityVinithra Varadharajan (Cloudera)
16:20~17:10Hadoop at LinkedInRichard Park (LinkedIn Corp)
Enjoy a beer time with other attendees

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